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Volksboot Outrigger Canoe - Used (No Tax)

Volksboot Outrigger Canoe - Used (No Tax)


Inspired by a not so well known car brand "Volks" means people and "Boot" means boat. Volksboot means the peoples boat and at Afterburn our focus was to bridge the gap between affordability and function. In 2021 over 50 Volksboot OC1's were imported in June of 2021 to 3 paddling clubs and servicing over 400 users. After only a season of service this multi function surfing workhorse can be yours to own at a fraction of the price for a similar functioning boat.

Used condition:

Each canoe comes uniquely pre-scratched! If there are any scratches or dings that penetrate or expose the hull (fibreglass and carbon fibre) they will be patched and the paint colors may not be perfectly matched.


Other accessories:

Boat covers is included (Marine grade water proof canvas material with red tail marker for transport)

Car racks (installed): $500

First year indoor winter storage: $50


About the boat:

Hull & Ama:

Laminated sandwich construction

Fibreglass wet layup with Lator® core mat

Carbon fiber reinforced
High temperature vacuumed and cured with Epoxy Resin

Full-colour marine paint



Lightweight aluminum

Stainless steel push-pin connections


Design features:

Sit-on-top with self-draining footwells

Ama can be rigged both left and right

Pedal steering

Adjustable foam seat

Gear-storage bungee


Dimensions (cm):

585 * 41 * 27


Weight (fully rigged):

17 kg


Limited availability!


Please inquire for colour availability.


Full carbon layup with Nomex® honeycomb core also available (only 13 kg!).


Price listed is cash price there is no tax

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