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Afterburn Barbell Club is a family of diverse individuals who want nothing more than to bring out the best in one another. Our mission statement is to “build a strong community through competitive and recreational barbell training, to provide a positive and inclusive training atmosphere, and to compete as a team in sanctioned Powerlifting meets. Whether you are looking to compete on a team or to learn from the best, this is the place to start your journey. There are a plethora of experienced lifters and coaches who have the resources and knowledge to help you lift better. 

Weekly lift nights are held on Fridays! Come and lift some heavy weights with the team. A $15 drop in fee applies. Be sure to email the barbell account to register for the night.

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So what is powerlifting? Athletes in powerlifting compete in the squat, bench press, and deadlift to see who can lift as much weight as possible for 1 rep. Powerlifters have three attempts to reach their maximum weight and are ranked in body-weight and age categories. The winner is determined by who has the highest powerlifting total.

Powerlifting: About


Our members have accumulated quite a few accolades throughout the years. Every year they send dozens of athletes to compete at provincial, regional, and national levels. In 2018 they took best team at Open Provincials! They have set several national records and with members taking the podium every year. 

Teresa Yeung has taken the 57kg national title in 2019 as well as the bronze medal in deadlifts at Open Worlds.


Walter Cariazo has consistently taken the 93kg and 105kg national titles from 2017-2019 as well as competing at Worlds twice. 


Simone Lai has taken the 47kg national title three times in 2017, 2019, and 2020. Over the years, she has earned gold at NAPF, gold at Commonwealths, and a bronze medal for squat and bronze overall at the 2019 Open Worlds.


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Walter Cariazo

2017 93kg National Champion

2018 93kg National Champion 2019 105kg National Champion

National Record Holder

Josh Smith

735kg total

3rd place 93kg 2020 Nationals

Powerlifting: Team Members
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