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With the pre-season just ahead of us, the addition of paddling on the water into your program can positively affect you or negatively affect you. Adding too much training volume to your program can cause reduced performance, fatigue or injury. Not progressing with the adaptations made during the off season can render your program useless. The summer strength series will specifically address training exercise and training load to ensure you are progressing your strength and power.


Athletes in the summer strength series will go through an undulated Strength and Power program. The program will consist of the following components;


  • Pre-hab – address overuse injuries (specifically shoulder and lower back/SI)

  • Flexibility – Myofascial Release, Stretching, Muscle activation

  • Explosive Power – Plyometrics, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Bands, Kinetic linking

  • Strength – Functional Strength, Upper and Lower Body

  • Conditioning – Game day ready conditioning


Session is taught by Strength Coach Khanh Vy. Khanh is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA as well as an Certified Athletic Therapist with the CATA. Khanh is able to bring performance and injury prevention tactics to address the unique demands of Dragonboating. He understands the sport as he is a paddler himself and has worked with teams such as Slipstream, NDRC, The Water Vipers and York Seawolves.




2024 Session Dates: May 28th (Tuesdays 7PM) 10 Weeks (blackout June 25)


Adults $170+tax 

Youth U24 $120+tax


Location: Afterburn Fitness

E-mail: to sign up

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