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Our rules are in place to ensure that Afterburn remains a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for everyone.  The rules below will be strictly enforced:


Afterburn is open to members from 5:30am to 11:59pm, 7 days a week - including holidays.

Drop-ins and tours must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance as staff hours may vary. Please email to book an appointment.

Members are not permitted to share access cards but can bring guests outside of staff hours. If bringing a guest, the guest MUST email us in advance stating the date, time and the name of the member they will be accompanying (the member can do this on their behalf as well). Failure to do so may result in the termination of their membership. 


  1. Appropriate footwear (sandals, slippers, or equivalent) must be worn during pool practices for safety reasons.

  2. Users must towel off prior to exiting the pool area and a second change of clothes and footwear must be worn prior to participating in fitness training.

  3. No one is allowed into the pool. Failure to adhere will result in the cancellation of all remaining practices and/or membership without refund.

  4. Users are prohibited from walking on the seats.

  5. On a best effort basis, users will limit the amount of excessive splashing and paddles hitting/ rubbing on the pool wall.


  1. Indoor footwear must be worn to enter the pool, fitness or training area.  Shoes worn outdoors must be taken off upon entry.

  2. All weights and equipment must be put away after use.

  3. All benches must be wiped down after use.

  4. Skipping is not permitted on the turf.

Facility Rules: FAQ



Afterburn is designed to be an open concept facility with lots of open space to accommodate large groups, like Dragon boat teams. We have many of the non-traditional equipment that are typically found in athletic performance centres and not available in commercial gyms.


Members train at our gym for different reasons and use our equipment in different ways. Our members include Olympic lifters, powerlifters, dragon boat paddlers, cross-fit athletes and everyday fitness minded individuals, etc. Our equipment was chosen to provide what our population needs versus wants, function over aesthetics and value for money.


  • 2 sets of Dumbbells 5 to 120lbs

  • 1 pair Rogue loadable dumbbells



  • Bumper Plates

    • Rogue Bumpers 1000lbs

  • Rogue Training 2.0 Coloured Bumper Plates

    • 310kgs

  • 2 Men’s Again Faster Klokov 20kg bearing bars

  • 1 Women’s Again Faster 15kg bearing bar

  • 1 Eleiko squat stand



  • Combo Racks 1x Rogue, 1x ER, 1x Strongarm

  • Rogue, Bull and unbranded calibrated plates 2000KG

  • 10 Ohio Power Bars


Selectorized and plate loaded machines

  • 1 Rogue rhino belt squat

  • 1 Life Fitness lat pull down

  • 2 dual cable cross-overs

  • 1 dual leg extension and leg curl


General Fitness

  • 2 prone lying bench pulls aka seal row

  • 3 Power Cages

  • 1 Rogue 6 station infinity cross-fit rig

  • 2 turf sleds

  • 45 feet of turf

  • 2 deadlift platforms

  • 1 weightlifting platform

  • 6 Rogue Bar 2.0

  • Kettlebells to 90lbs

  • 1 Bamboo Bar

  • 1 Kensui plate loaded weighted vest

  • 2 Angles 90 straps

  • 4 x Landmines

  • 4 x Trap bars

  • Agility hurdles

  • Agility ladder


Cast Iron Plates 3000lbs+



  • Ropes, Ladders, Pylons, Discs



  • 1 Concept 2 Skierg

  • 1 Rogue Echo Air Bike

  • 10 KayakPro Dragon Boat Paddling Ergs

  • 1 assault treadmill equivalent

  • 1 KayakPro Catchforce



  • 4 main training areas

  • Team strength and conditioning area

  • Built to accommodate large groups (up to 24) by having a number of equipment for multiple athletes at one station and space to easily transition between stations

  • This area is reserved for teams exclusively during certain periods, see our facility calendar here for schedule. Typically, January to April when our paddling teams are at the facility its booked Monday to Thursday 7-9pm and weekends being the busiest

  • Powerlifting and member area

  • Purpose-built to allow athletes a compact space to complete a strength and conditioning program effectively, specifically having all stations of a circuit style workout within reach

  • Stocked with specialty equipment for powerlifters and weightlifters and the same equipment to complete a comprehensive workout when the team area is occupied, ex. a full-set of dumbbells in addition to the full-set on the team area

  • Paddling Pool

  • Cardio

  • Equipped with our 12 paddle ergometers, 8 Concept 2 Rowers and 1 Ski erg

  • May also be used as a posing area due to its numerous mirrors or classroom as all equipment can be raised up

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