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Healthcare Practitioners

Our health care practitioners work with you to achieve your life goals, whether thats to lose weight, be able to play with your grandkids, increase your sport-related performance or recover from injuries. Reach out to them directly or emails us with your goals and we'll help you figure out whats best for you.  

Meet the Team

Join The Team

Afterburn provides a home for independent healthcare practitioners to run their own business.

Practitioners keep more of what they earn versus a big box gym or clinic, allowing them to reinvest it into themselves and their clients. In the end, clients get better trainers and a comprehensive facility to reach their goals

Why Train and/or Treat at Afterburn
  • Keep more of your training fees for yourself to invest in and support yourself

  • Train your clients your way in a clean, professional and comprehensive training facility adding value to your service

  • Work with a management team that is honest, transparent, listens and willing to provide the tools you need to train your clients

  • Utilize our many non-busy hours to create content for free

How It Works
  • Meet us and the facility

  • Provide a $200 refundable deposit and insurance for activities being conducted

  • Access the facility whenever you want

  • At the end of the month we’ll bill you at the rate agreed on

  • Provide us 3-4 times that work for you so you can meet us, we can meet you and tour the facility

  • We want you to make Afterburn your training home, you can use the facility for your own personal training and content creation. This is on an honor basis but it’s expected that you have at minimum 4 training sessions per week.

Billings/ Rates
  • The current rate for 1:1 is $12+tax per client with customized rates for 2:1 and group training

  • Manual practitioner fees start at 20% of billings depending on services used

  • At the end of the month, submit the total number of sessions used at which point we’ll create an invoice and you’ll submit an email transfer within a week

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