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How We Give

We wish to be known not just by our impact on the physical fitness of our community but by how we improve the overall well-being of those most vulnerable at home and globally.

We give because being apart of the Afterburn Fitness community is already a blessing and a privilege so we believe we should lift others up to eventually experience what we have.

We choose campaigns that best utilize our vast community of dragon boaters and members, our spare space capacity and our skills in marketing and organization to inspire our community.

Have something in mind? Let us know!


Operation Christmas Child

Mid October to Mid November

Operation Christmas Child was adopted by Afterburn in 2019 during the pandemic, since a gym could not operate as a gym we decided to convert it into a warehouse to pack over 200 boxes with stationary, toiletries and toys for children round the world to have a Christmas treat! In 2021 we packed over 300 boxes. The "operation" is run by Samaritan's Purse and more information can be found here.

To participate:

1. Drop off a monetary donation in our drop box on the office door to the right of the women’s washroom, all donations go to supplies to pack boxes on behalf of the gym (make sure to indicate your name and OCC) Can also EMT to comment "OCC"

2. Pickup a box from us at the reception desk and pack a box individually. Learn what to pack here

3. Or drop in on November 6th or 13th from 1pm to 4pm to pack with us! Please email us if joining


Clothing Drive

Early February to Early March

We collect gently used clothing for donation to the Salvation Army. All clothing should be washed and folded. We can also collect from your residence depending on location.


Food Drive


In line with our value to challenge the status quo and think innovatively, typically society donates during Christmas and Thanksgiving BUT people who use food banks don't stop eating in August! So we collect and donate to the Agincourt Community Services Association.

The Team: Team Members
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