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Why choose the Afterburn Paddle Pool?

Our paddle pool provides an unparalleled optimal learning and training environment for your team.

This is the closest thing to a boat without actually being in the boat. Dragon boat is unique because our boat has a footrest, gunnel, and bench seating. The combination of these elements, their position relative to each other and the water is unparalleled in any training facility in the province and rare in the world. Unlike in a boat, the water moves around you instead of the boat through the water. Unlike in a swimming pool, the water moves providing resistance closer to actually being in a boat.

Optimal weather conditions ALWAYS. Ever try teaching the stroke in mid-April on the lake? Not so pleasant or predictable. Our pool has perfect weather *always*, allowing for the most efficient use of your team’s time and money.

Instant feedback and access to athletes. Coaches have the ability to provide both visual and tactile feedback through our TV and live visible demos on an elevated deck. Athletes can self evaluate and correct through strategically placed mirrors throughout the pool room.

How can I get access to the pool?

  1. Become a member and have access to our comprehensive strength and conditioning facility which includes the pool. Sign up here!

  2. Join our in house paddle clinics. Learn more here!

  3. Join a team that trains at Afterburn. More details here! 

  4. Book a session for your team. Pool booking here!

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