COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols at Afterburn Fitness

There are two scenarios, one under open gym and no group training and one with group training in addition to our open gym.

Facility capacity limits are expanded when group training is being conducted as the pool room is available and teams must follow certain protocols to be in closer contact. The first section provides protocols for members and also for the facility as a whole. The second section applies solely for teams in addition to protocols in the first section.

Open Gym/ Unstructured Training – Members Only, No group training

General risk mitigation protocols:

  • Contact Tracing

    • Use the sign-in sheet link provided as a member if you intend on coming in, your initials are fine

    • In and out of the facility in 1.5 hours adhering to what you put on the sheet, you may stay longer if no one is booked after or the facility remains below the limit

    • Notify us immediately if you have visited the facility and have tested positive for COVID-19

  • Self-Isolation:

    • If you have been potentially exposed without proper PPE to a person with COVID

    • OR If you are returning to the country from travelling abroad

    • OR If you are displaying any of the symptoms listed below

  • Wear a mask (optional)

  • Mitigating the spread by aerosols

    • Capacity Limits

      • Maximum number of members in the facility is 10

      • Stay at least 6 feet away and avoid the trajectory of heavy breathing on the gym floor

      • The erg room will be closed and machines moved to the gym floor

        • In November 2020 the erg room will re-open with two new racks, weights and an industrial strength medical grade air purifier

      • Additional storage spaces will be added in the lobby to process teams faster

      • No loitering in the facility 

    • Ventilation

      • Warm Months (July to August):

        • The first person in will open the garage doors, which will remain open until the last person for the day (use the calendar to check)

      • Cooler Months (September to May):

        • 5 hospital grade HEPA 13 filtration units are on the way to provide better air quality and reduce the spread when we can no longer open the doors

  • Mitigating the spread from surface contamination

    • Wash your hands pre and post workout

    • Grab a rag from the front-desk for wiping down any surfaces you have contacted

    • Wipe down equipment including (weights, j-hooks and bands) before and after

    • Discard rag when exiting the facility

    • Do not use a rack directly in front of or behind someone (avoid the trajectory of heavy breathing)

Structured Group Training

  • Structured group training capacity (must meet specific training criteria)

    • Capacity Limits

      • Pool Room: 12 + 2 non-participants

      • Team Training Area: 12 + 2  non-participants

    • Group Training Protocol

      • All coaches and bystanders must wear a mask

      • Must wear a mask in the common areas (on entrance)

      • We strongly suggest that all team members also wear a mask when in the facility, this may become mandatory after further research

    • Training criteria

      • Strength Training

        • Sharing of equipment is not permitted unless disinfected

        • Coaches must make all reasonable efforts to ensure athletes stay 6ft apart and are not facing each other for exercises

        • If within 6ft, duration should be as short as possible

      • Contact Tracing

        • It is the responsibility of the team manager to maintain an up to date list of phone numbers and emails of participants in the event that potential exposure to an infected person has occurred

Other Mitigating actions:

If an infected person has visited the facility:

  • An email will be sent to all active members notifying them of the time and date of this persons visit. Please ensure your e-mail address is current on file with us.

  • We will close the facility for approximately 3 hours to clean the facility