Surround yourself with a tight knit community of overachieving fitness enthusiasts and some of the most effective and motivating training tools. It will be that much easier to reach your goals. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans in order to meet your scheduling needs. 



Memberships are capped to ensure a personable and effective experience. All members will receive an access card that allows on-demand access to the facility between 5:30am and 12:00am every day. Afterburn also conducts seasonal group training at the facility so our strength and conditioning area (turf and crossfit rig) may be reserved. These times are posted on a shared group calendar so that you can find an appropriate time for your training.

Membership Plan & Prices (Effective Oct 1, 2017)


Signing up for a new membership? You must e-mail us in advance to book an appointment for new membership set-up.

13% HST and a $5 refundable access card deposit will be applied to the prices below.

Payment is by cash, cheque, EMT or credit card. Credit card transaction fees are tied to Square payment charges, currently 3.75%.

All renewals should allow, at minimum, 24 hours from payment to activation.



Looking for a full time membership at a gym? This option is for anyone purchasing a single membership.

Annual - $452.21

Quarterly - $131.86

Monthly - $50.44



Need a gym for the weekends? Shift Worker? Love the mornings? The Limited Use membership will cater to your schedule.

Note: Entrance to the facility must be from 5:30am to 1pm

Annual - $330.09

Quarterly - $85.84

Monthly - n/a



Have a group of friends that you want to train with? Sign up with 3 or more people at the same time for this discount.

All members must sign up and make payment within 7 days. You will not be able to add any members at this rate after 7 days.

Annual - $404.42

Quarterly - $121.24

Monthly - $43.36



Already a member at another traditional gym but want to incorporate Afterburn's non-traditional equipment into your training? Bring receipt as proof with expiry date and name. (Student, Fire, EMS, Police and Military automatically qualify)

Note: Requires proof of membership at a qualifying fitness facility for the duration of membership period at Afterburn. Acceptable proof includes: official receipts and bank statement screenshots of withdrawals from account. Both must show full name. Evidence of active status as student or member of armed forces, EMS, Police or Fire. Evidence of ongoing active status or membership at another facility may be required throughout the term of the membership. A qualifying fitness facility is limited to other conventional fitness facilities and does not include most martial art facilities.

Annual - $346.9

Quarterly - $100

Monthly - n/a


This membership is available to Afterburn Barbell Club members who are not general members of the facility. Gain access from 4-8 p.m. every other Friday to join our Barbell Club during their Lift Nights. Every other Friday our facility is reserved to athletes who may not be able to access Afterburn regularly but want to lift with the team.

Annual - $60



Just visiting? Or want to experience the facility before purchasing a membership?

Send us a few times that you’re available and we’ll have a staff member meet with you to get you oriented and experiencing the facility to the fullest.

You must receive a confirmation before dropping in. At least 24 hours or more notice is best to ensure we are staffed!




Back home for reading week or holiday breaks? Active Student ID required.

One week - $25

Two weeks - $35