Afterburn's paddling clinics bring together high-calibre coaching with Toronto’s ONLY dragon boat paddling pool to provide a friendly but intense environment focused on improving technique and stamina.   In these one hour sessions, the paddling coaches will explain techniques, tips and tricks using a variety of methods to appeal to different learners, run through workouts in the gym that will assist in recruitment of the essential muscles to paddling, and help paddlers develop awareness for their stroke, prevent injury and become a stronger paddler.  


  • Gain a new perspective on paddling techniques and coaching styles from Canada’s best at an affordable rate and with no team commitment

  • Network with other paddlers with varying skill levels

  • Improve stamina, prevent injury and paddling technique in the off-season! 





Standard Course

1 hour of hands-on, in-pool paddling combined with explanations of techniques, tips and tricks by our paddling coaches

1 hour strength and conditioning training


LITE Course

1 hour Pool




Program (Overview for 10-week program)

Week 1

  • Group paddling ability review

  • Explaining the general stroke positions

  • Technical drills to familiarize with the stroke



Week 2

  • Set up, entry, and catch

  • Engaging the correct muscle groups for reach and rotation

  • Posture and hip movement focus


Week 3

  • Catch focus

  • Leg drive and power transfer

  • Reinforcement of posture and hip movement


Week 4

  • The ‘pull’

  • Muscle engagement sequence

  • Top arm positioning and pressure focus


Week 5

  • Back-end of the stroke and recovery

  • Body position throughout the end of the stroke

  • Hip and leg movement focus

  • Introduction to the Paddling Ergometer

Week 6

  • Putting the stroke together

  • Long paddling pieces

  • Video Review

  • Technique Report Cards


Week 7

  • Front end focus

  • Finding more water connection




Week 8

  • Back end focus

  • Finding efficiency in the recovery



Week 9

  • Power practice 1

  • Managing fatigue



Week 10

  • Power practice 2

  • Efficient power/rate changes

  • Video Review

  • Technique Report Cards



Wednesday Start Start Dates: October 7th, January 6th, March 17th*

7:15 PM Pool, 8:15 PM Gym

*8 Week Class


Saturday Start Dates: October 10th

9:00 am Gym 10:00 am Pool

LITE: Start Dates: October 7th, January 6th

6:15 pm


(classes end in May and restart in the fall)



Standard Course $220 + HST -  $200 if you bring a friend or sign up for 2 or more sessions in the season

Standard 8-Week Course $176 + HST

LITE Course $140



Capped at 10 paddlers.  Sign-up ahead of time is required.

To register, contact us at dragonboat@afterburnfitness.ca.

Minimum Signup is 8