Train at Afterburn

Listed as one of the top 10 unconventional gyms by BlogTO, Afterburn is a training facility for those looking for something beyond the typical commercial gyms.  Our facility is managed and run by experienced and trained business professionals who are responsive to your needs and dedicated to creating a motivating and friendly environment.  


We welcome all individuals and teams who are looking for an innovative and motivating environment to reach their goals.  Those at our gym typically motivate others or want to be motivated.  The group of motivators are hard working, dedicated and focused.  Their intensity propels others to new personal records.  The group who wants to be motivated are self aware and committed to being in an environment where the high level of energy helps them reach their goals. 



Below are a list of ways to train at our gym:


Non-member Day Use (Drop-in) $12 Valid from open to close BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


Personal Memberships


Group Fitness


Team Training Facility Rental 


Paddling Pool Rental


Paddling Clinics



For more information, use the links above to navigate to the appropriate page.  Alternatively, feel free to send us an email and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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