Are you looking to add a different dimension to your fitness training?  Afterburn's group wing chun classes are for you.  


Wing Chun is a close-quarter martial art system which focuses on the efficiency and economy of movements, where it defends and attacks simultaneously. Wing Chun emphasizes on body form and relaxation in order to overcome a stronger and bigger adversary. Training consist of traditional martial art drills and exercises. You will be developing proper body structure, body coordination, learning how to use proper body mechanics and developing the power of relaxation.


Wing Chun embodies efficiency and effectiveness.  It requires you to approach fitness and strength training from a new perspective. 

Class Description


This class is designed for individuals who are new to Wing Chun or just want to incorporate a martial art system as a part of their fitness regime. Wing Chun is a 300 years old martial art system which was created by a Buddhist nun, named Ng Mui. For those who are new to Wing Chun kung fu, you do not need to be physically fit to practice Wing Chun, as it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Instructor: Derek Chan


Cost: $20 per class


Schedule: Tuesdays 7 to 8:30pm (classes beginning May 13th, 2014 and run until end of July)


Registration is required.  Please email us at to register.