At Afterburn we’re not driven by fads or trends in the industry or what’s cool today. We’re driven by what’s proven to get results effectively, efficiently and sustainably. We do this in 4 ways:

  • We provide high performance equipment formerly reserved for “athletes” this provides limitless scalable, motivating and engaging combinations of circuits

  • We teach a mindset of questioning how and why you workout and not just show you how, allowing you to take ownership over your own health

  • We take a team-based approach that will allow you to have a support network to keep you motivated and having fun

  • We customize our exercises to your goals and your body, there is no one size fits all. Customization will get you to your goals safely and effectively


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 pm to 8:30pm (subject to changes based on volume and demand)

Saturday 9:00am (subject to changes based on volume and demand)


Nov 2014 Update: Maximize classes are currently on hold and will resume in 2015 in order for us to focus on off-season team training.


1 hour team-based high intensity interval training

Sessions progress in movement difficulty over 8 weeks and repeat in focus but vary in exercise. You may sign up at anytime by contacting us.


$110 per month unlimited

$200 2 month unlimited

$120 10 Pass Punchcard useable anytime

$15 Drop-In

First trial session is free. Refer a friend get $10 off on a monthly and $20 on an 8-week.


Space is limited to 12 people per class to help us focus on YOU. E-mail us to reserve your spot.  Advanced registration is required.