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Our rules are in place to ensure that Afterburn remains a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for everyone.  The rules below will be strictly enforced:


  1. Appropriate footwear (sandals, slippers, or equivalent) must be worn during pool practices for safety reasons.

  2. Users must towel off prior to exiting the pool area and a second change of clothes and footwear must be worn prior to participating in fitness training.

  3. No one is allowed into the pool. Failure to adhere will result in the cancellation of all remaining practices and/or membership without refund.

  4. Users are prohibited from walking on the seats.

  5. On a best effort basis, users will limit the amount of excessive splashing and paddles hitting/ rubbing on the pool wall.


  1. Indoor footwear must be worn to enter the pool, fitness or training area.  Shoes worn outdoors must be taken off upon entry.

  2. All weights and equipment must be put away after use.

  3. All benches must be wiped down after use.

  4. Skipping is not permitted on the turf.

Facility Rules: FAQ
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