A high-performance strength and conditioning facility available for personal trainers, teams, groups or fitness photo shoots.

Afterburn is a results driven gym, with equipment that is not available in most commercial gyms.  


For personal trainers, our equipment allows you to be more creative and diverse in your programs for your clients, allowing you to differentiate even further from mainstream personal trainers.  


For groups and teams, almost all of our equipment comes in fours or more, from our squat/press stations to landmines, kettle bells and rings, so that large groups are not restricted to only using dumb bells and plates in their training and can use a limitless combination of equipment to keep them motivated, engaged and coming back for more!


For those looking for a location to host their photoshoot for personal or professional needs, Afterburn is a playground for the fitness enthuasist and the unique equipment will demonstrate your seriousness for fitness.




We offer more than 2000 square feet of space that is adaptable to unique and changing needs.  Our gym is covered in 3/4 inch rubber allowing your athletes to pull and press wherever suits their needs. 


The open concept nature of the gym creates a friendly, welcoming and motivating atmosphere.  


Attention to Detail

As trained business professionals, we understand that the small details can make a big difference.  We ensure that our facility is kept clean and organized so that everyone has a good experience at the gym.  We welcome feedback and take it seriously.  We also understand that a good experience is comprehensive and not just about the facility.  We are 100% transparent in our business relationships and are responsive to your needs and concerns.  


Competitive Pricing

We believe in shared success, which means that we can only win if you win.  Our prices reflect this philosophy to ensure that whether you are a personal trainer running your business or a team hoping to win the next big event, costs are not a major obstacle in your path to grow.



If you are a personal trainer looking for a well-run and equipped facility to train your clients, Afterburn is the place for you.  Our rates are at the lower end of the market average.  


Contact us at info@afterburnfitness so that we can talk about your needs.



TEAM RENTAL RATES (Groups of 14 or more)

Teams are welcome to bring in their own strength and conditioning coaches or use an Afterburn coach for an additional fee.  Afterburn's trainers and staff are flexible, friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help.  


Prices are per session.  Each session lasts one hour.  


* Prime times are week nights (Monday to Friday) from 7pm to 9pm. 

** Prices quoted above currently exclude tax.  A HST Tax of 13% will be added to the total. 


Contact us at dragonboat@afterburnfitness.ca for your team booking today!


Competition Pack

1 to 10 sessions purchased at a time.

Monday to Friday $140

Weekends $155

Elite Pack

10+ sessions purchased at a time.

Monday to Friday $120

Weekends $140

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Looking for the perfect location for your next photo shoot that can highlight your passion for fitness?  Trainers, bodybuilding athletes and fitness enthusiasts have chosen Afterburn to host their photo shoot for their personal and professional needs.  


We do our best to accommodate the shoot by selecting off-peak days and times to ensure that you have the privacy, space and equipment required for a successful shoot.