We equip you with the same care and purpose-driven methods that we operate our facility with. We provide equipment that is effective, efficient and simple. No gimmicks, no frills quality equipment that will get the job done simply.


Take a look at our catalogue and order form below. Limited quantities available. Items that are sold out will be updated below. 







Update: 2020-11-28

SOLD OUT ITEMS: Batch 2 is sold out of the following : LITE racks, 45lb, 10lb, & 5lb CAST IRON PLATES, benches, collars, Olympic barbells, and adjustable dumbbells.

Update: 2020-11-25

Our first batch has arrived after experiencing some delays. If you're on the first batch please check your emails for further instructions. Batch 2 is currently on route and estimated to arrive mid-December. Batch 2 has limited availability. Batch 3 is due to come in Mid-February. The catalogue has been updated with information to determine if your car can fit the products ordered as well as tools for assembly.

Update: 2020-10-24

Our first batch is expected to arrive the first week of November. All purchasers will receive an email and phone call when their order is ready. We still have some products available on the second shipment for purchase which is due to arrive in early December, send in your order and we will confirm.

Update: 2020-08-19

Our first batch of equipment will be our first! We'll need people that are patient and willing to provide unadultered feedback on what we've got so that we can make it better. Which is why we've priced our equipment below market. 



Is the equipment branded?

The equipment is manufactured in China and is unbranded. In case of quality issues refer to our refunds and warranty section of the catalogue.


Adjustable Dumbbells?

40KG per dumb bell. On the Pre-Order form, please indicate 1 x Adjustable Dumbbells, as they are recorded in PAIRS.