We equip you with the same care and purpose-driven methods that we operate our facility with. We provide equipment that is effective, efficient and simple. No gimmicks, no frills quality equipment that will get the job done simply.


Take a look at our catalogue and order form below. Completed order forms must be sent to info@afterburnfitness.ca.


BATCH 3: Arrived and in stock (Still available, Bars, Cast irons (25,5,2.5), Bumpers (25,10))
BATCH 4: estimated to arrive for mid-May 2021.

Rubber MatsSee update from 2021-03-16 for rubber mats info. Estimated to arrive for early May 2021.

*SOLD OUT items will be updated below. 

Update: 2021-03-16:

We've had a lot of requests for rubber mats soooo we bought some! These 20MM pieces are much more manageable then the 6X4 foot stall mats as they are 39.37 X 39.37 inches or (1000MM X 1000MM). Price per square foot comes out to $2.75 or $29.6 per piece (10.76sqft)

Update: 2021-03-14:

Adjustable Dumbbells, Lite Racks, 45lb bumpers, 45lb cast irons, and 10lb cast irons are SOLD OUT for BATCH 3!!

Update: 2021-01-11

Batch 3 and 4 will not be carrying Kg Bumper Plates. LB Bumper Plates are available for purchase.

Update: 2021-01-02

Happy New Year! Checkout our new basics catalogue above.


Is the equipment branded?

The equipment is manufactured in China and is unbranded. In case of quality issues refer to our refunds and warranty section of the catalogue.